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People to read, listen to and watch

I have read articles and books, watched videos and listened to many people to understand more about healthy living. These are some of the key people. I have included the diet doctor episodes, YouTube videos and some websites. The Diet Doctor references are to the podcast hosted by Bret Scher available on the Diet Doctor website and also on a YouTube channel.

Bret Scher.jpg

Bret Scher

Cardiologist, Medical Director for Diet Doctor and Host of Diet Doctor podcast series

Jason Fung.jpg

Jason Fung

Nephrologist and fasting guru

Diet Doctor Ep23 and Ep64

David Ludwig.jpg

David Ludwig

Researcher, author and Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School

Diet Doctor Ep12

Eric Westman.jpg

Eric Westman

Founder of Duke Keto and Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University
Diet Doctor Ep36

Gary Taubes.jpg

Gary Taubes

Investigative journalist and co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (
Diet Doctor Ep1, Ep62 and Ep91

Sarah Hall.jpg

Sarah Hallberg

Medical Director of Virta Health.
Diet Doctor Ep10

Sten Ekberg .jpg

Sten Ekberg

Olympic decathlete & holistic doctor

Amy Berger.jpg

Amy Berger

Certified Nutrtion Specialist (CNS) and podcast host.
Diet Doctor Ep28

Andreas Eenfeldt.jpg

Andreas Eenfeldt

Founder and CEO of Diet Doctor
Diet Doctor Ep77

Benjamin Bikman.jpg

Benjamin Bikman 

Diet Doctor Ep35

Robert Lustig.jpg

Robert Lustig 

Professor emeritus of Paediatrics, Division of Endocrinology
Diet Doctor Ep14

Megan Ramos.jpg

Megan Ramos

Clinical educator and expert on therapeutic fasting
Diet Doctor Ep7

Ken Berry.jpg

Ken Berry

Family Physician and low card advocate. 
Diet Doctor Ep31

Michael Moss.jpg

Michael Moss 

Diet Doctor Ep73

Ron Krauss.jpg

Ron Krauss 

Director of atherosclerosis research and lipid expert
Diet Doctor Ep9

Satchidananda Panda.jpg

Satchidananda Panda

Professor at the Salk Institute
Diet Doctor Ep80

Tim Noakes.jpg

Tim Noakes

Founder of The Noakes Foundation

Nina Teicholz.jpg

Nina Teicholz 

Investigative journalist
Diet Doctor Ep21

Kevin Hall.jpg

Kevin Hall

NIH Chief of the Integrative Physiology
Diet Doctor Ep92

Matthew Walker.jpg

Mathew walker

Professor of neuroscience and psychology

Ted Naiman.jpg

Ted Naiman

Low-carb family physician
Diet Doctor Ep70

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